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A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movie DVD (import)

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martin scorsese, perhaps the most ardent cinephile of all the great film directors, has produced a masterly account of the world's largest and most powerful film industry. scorsese's love affair with the cinema began in his childhood, and his passion for the medium and its history makes him a compelling guide. -at over three and a half hours, the programme is a treasury of movie moments, all lovingly presented in their original screen ratios. classics of the silent era (intolerance, the crowd) are here, as are examples from the major american genres: westerns (from the searchers to unforgiven), musicals (busby berkeley to all that jazz) and gangster films (public enemy to point blank, along with such mould-breaking masterpieces as sunrise, citizen kane, and 2001 - a space osyssey, -scorsese's personal journey will delight, inform and entertain not only film buffs, but anyone who has ever sat in a darkened cinema, spellbound by the silver screen before the.

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