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Trinity 2009 DVD (import)

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All six episodes of the ITV mystery drama series starring Charles Dance and Christian Cooke. For over 900 years, Trinity College has been an elite playground for the rich and powerful, such as the spoiled, scheming Dorian (Cooke), his beautiful but icy cousin, Rosalind (Isabella Calthorpe), and the sinister Professor Maltravers (Dance). In a recent attempt to modernise, the college has opened its doors to students from the 'lower classes' - cue new entrants Theo Mackenzie (Reggie Yates), Maddy (Elen Rhys), Angus (Mark Wood) and Raj (Arnab Chanda). Then there is Charlotte (Antonia Bernath), a chaste and religious new arrival who is convinced that Trinity is responsible for the murder of her father. What dark secrets are held within these hallowed halls of learning? And just why are Maltravers and Dorian so anxious to protect the secrets of the mysterious Dandelion Club?


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