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Vi utökar ständigt sortimentet så det lönar sig att återvända.

Alla våra filmer har svenskt text om inget annat anges.

A SteelBook is a limited run of a Blu-ray or game, packaged in a premium metal case - often with classic or specially commissioned artwork. The steel case provides both a better canvas for displaying the fantastic art that accompanies many films, as well as being a more durable way of storing the disks.

Most of the SteelBooks available here at Filmhyllan are both exclusive to us and limited edition, making them a very accessible but worthwhile collector's item. Indeed, you should also keep an eye on the collector's edition versions of a lot of games, too, as they often include a SteelBook. Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or romantic comedies, RPGs or Shooters, we’re bound to have a SteelBook you’ll want.